Resort Living Park City

This is a different time of year in Park City, after the ski resorts close, and visitors have returned home, leaving our streets quiet and restful after a seemingly long winter.  There is a lull as the snow melts into rivulets that run down hillsides and brown mountain meadows turn green. It is a transitional respite, a time for quiet reflection before summer kicks into high gear and restaurants fling their doors open, setting bistro tables along Main Street, welcoming outdoor diners and visitors relishing the splendors of springtime in the Rocky Mountains.

There is a saying we have here in Park City, Utah, “Come for the skiing and stay for the summer!”  If you haven’t experienced summer in Park City, you are missing the days we locals live for, long lit evenings, with summer concerts, and light rain showers followed by enormous rainbows hovering the hilltops like primary colored halos.  The rivers and streams are bloated with spring runoff and calves and foals prance unsteadily through muddy pastures dotted with fresh blades of lime green grass.  Swallows fill gazebos like old Floridians, nesting, and chirping merrily amongst each other.  Locals fling their doors and windows open, gulping in fresh air and wallowing in sunshine before hitting the bars and pubs, clipping 2 for 1 specials from The Park Record, eagerly preparing to partake in the fine dining offered to residents between tourist seasons.

Although the glory and splendor of bright green hillsides and vivid blue skies with cotton ball-colored clouds is a few weeks away, this sleepy transition is the calm of twilight sleep, those moments in early down before one is fully awake when dreams are vivid and the covers feel cool and cozy.  We are waking up to welcome our summer crews seeking biking paths and trout filled rivers, cooler temperatures, and festival filled weekends. So come on, we will be ready for you.

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